Hoogendijk Electric provides advice and implements electrotechnical adjustments as well as tailored design solutions. 

We offer bespoke services to individual ship users.

Product and process

Important aspects of our propositions and implementations are functionality, practical realization, ergonomic comfort and quality of design. We start by identifying your exact needs, and subsequently provide you with crystal clear recommendations to help you make the most effective and efficient decision. During the implementations, to help you make the most effective and efficient decision, we will explain clearly what we are doing and why, and after completion we will, of course, evaluate the end result with you.

We apply a pragmatic, logical approach that may seem illogical at times, but serves the purpose of reconciling seemingly inconsistent concepts for you, even from a financial perspective.

Our dedicated team is committed to developing solutions that best meet your requirements. Whether your request concerns the (partial) delivery of components or the design, development and installation or entire electrical systems, you can fully rely on the service-oriented expertise of our team.