You will find Hoogendijk electric both inland and on oceans. Our photo gallery gives an impression of our most prestigious projects.

Project Sirocco

In September 2014 we delivered the Sirocco for shipping company Chemgas Barging. The ship is equipped with a dual fuel engine that allows running on both gas oil and LNG. It is one of the first ships which uses LNG as fuel. For this project we were asked to take care of the process arrangement for the supply of the gas from the LNG tank. The LNG tank is located under deck on the bow. With the aid of a pump and gas condition unit, gas is produced for the main engine using a regulator. The Sirocco also has 2 LNG generators that can supply the entire on-board grid. These generators operate at low pressure, taking the gas directly from the gas cap of the tank. A big advantage of this is that the tank pressure does not increase and thus a so-called boil-off is prevented. If the pressure in the tank is too low, pressure can be built up using the pump, which provides the means to keep the pressure at the correct level for the users.

Hoogendijk electric was requested to supply the entire electrical installation including tank measurement and ballast measurement.

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