You will find Hoogendijk electric both inland and on oceans. Our photo gallery gives an impression of our most prestigious projects.

Project Eeva / Mirva VG

Commissioned by Royal Bodewes shipyard, we have provided two coasters with an electrical installation. The delivery included an extensive PMS system with PTO / PTI mode. By usage of "power take in" over 800kW could be added as extra power on the screw. Both generators feed the PTI motor by means of a two-rail system. At the same time the on-board network is fed by an AFE. This means that the ship meets the required ice class. It is also possible to operate electrically only if the ME is not available. This was a very challenging project for us where we could show our knowledge and expertise in the field of Power Management. Both ships were built for Finland on behalf of VG-Shipping and sail for Meriaura. They have their area of operations in Northern Europe.

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