Privacy statement

1. Processing of personal data

Hoogendijk Electric B.V. will process your personal data with the aim of closing and exercising a potential contract. We process the following data: name, address and contact details.

We will use the personal data of a customer to send out a quotation, to decide what specifications a service or affair has to meet, to deliver affairs or execute activities, to invoice and to communicate efficiently about implementation aspects of the contract. If you are a supplier or another client of ours we will use your personal data for a quotation application, an order, the payment of invoices and for a smooth and efficient communication about aspects from the contract.

You are not obligated to provide us with all your personal data. However, if you do not provide us with your personal data or if you  provide us with too little, we might not be able to execute the activities above.  

2. Transmission of personal data to third parties

Sometimes it might be necessary to pass your personal data along  to third parties. These parties deliver components, materials and products to us or they carry out activities on our behalf.

We have a processor outside of our company who takes care of a few important affairs for us. We still take full responsibility for the personal data we have to provide him with. The processor has to sign a contract. That contract contains rules about the processing of personal data. He needs to take organizational and technical measures to secure the safety of your personal data. The processor may not release the processing activities to another party. He will only perform the activities we give to him. He also has to prove that he follows the rules of the GDPR.

We only provide third parties with the necessary personal data. When we provide third parties with your personal data we will let you know. We will inform you about the receivers or the categories of receivers.

3. Direct marketing

If you are a regular customer of ours we shall keep you informed of our existing and new products and services through e-mail. We will use your personal data with the footing “legitimate interest”, because we bring attention to our products or services. At the bottom of every commercial e-mail you can find a link to sign out. That way you can let us know whether or not you want to keep receiving our commercial mailings.

To one-of customers we ask permission for the sending of commercial mailings. If you do not grant us your permission we will not bother you with our commercial mailings.

4. Automated decision-making

At Hoogendijk Electric B.V. we do not work with automated decision-making. This means that we do not rely on computer program’s or systems made decisions, without a human in between.

We do use certain computer program’s and systems. We use Microsoft Office, IN2 CRM and Exact.

5. Storage period

If you are an official customer of ours or if we are an official customer of yours, we will save your personal data 7 years after we broke contact. After those 7 years we will delete all your personal data. The 7 years are in agreement with the period of the fiscal administration duty.

If you have requested a quotation, but eventually decided not to become a customer, we will save your personal data 1 year before permanently deleting it. It’s the same period of time when we request a quotation from you, but we do not become customers.

6. Rights of the person involved

As a customer or supplier you have certain rights. You have the right of insight, rectification, oblivion, limitation of processing, objection, data portability and you have got the right to file a complaint with the Authority Personal Data (AP). If you exercise one of these rights we will get back to you within a month. In this period of time we will let you know what we did with your request.

If you exercise the right of insight, we will give you a copy of everything we have done with you personal data. It is also  possible that we have it send to you in a valid electronical form, a pdf-file for example. To protect you privacy we might ask for a legally valid copy of your ID, so we are certain that the request for insight came from you.

You have got the right of oblivion, but we are only obligated to exercise that right when……

  • The personal data is no longer needed for the purpose it was processed or collected for;
  • You withdraw your previous given consent and there are no other footings for processing;
  • You make an objection against the processing and there are no other necessary justified footings for  processing;
  • The personal data was unlawfully processed;
  • The personal data has to be deleted, because of a legal obligation;
  • The personal data was collected in connection with an offer of services from the information society.


You also got the right of limitation of processing. This means that you can temporarily stop the processing of your personal data, until a certain problem or objection is solved. You can exercise this right when you feel like your personal data is wrong and if you need your personal data to initiate, execute or substantiate a legal claim.

Finally, you have the right of data portability. This means that you can request us to provide you with a digital copy of your personal data. With the purpose of using it for the benefit of a third party. This right only applies when your personal data is processed with your permission or if the processing is necessary for the implementation of a contract.

7. Contact

Have you got more questions? Do not hesitate to contact us via email or phone.

  • +31 (0)180 446922
  • IJsseldijk 422
  • 2922 BP Krimpen a/d IJssel


You can make an appointment with us via the data above, and then come over in person.